Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

1/4" Right Angle Hi-D Jacks - RN Series

Right-angle Hi-D Jax® permits space-saving mounting on PC boards. Available in 2- and 3-conductor types with or without shunt circuits, which can mate with .25 inch diameter COMMERCIAL or TELEPHONE/MIL plug fingers. Right-angle jack permits tip of mating plug to be inserted parallel with PC board. Can be mounted on PC boards or combined PC board and panel/chassis.



Housing: Thermoplastic.

Bushing: Integral with housing.

Springs: Copper alloy, silver-plated (also available with

selectively gold-plated contact points and selectively
tin-plated terminals).

Contacts: Integral, part of shunt springs.



Life: 10,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles, minimum.

Insertion/Withdrawal Forces: Nominal plug retention on

2-conductor jack is .75 pounds with .5 pounds minimum.

Nominal plug retention on 3-conductor jack is 2 pounds with

1.5 pounds minimum. With double tips, the nominal is

1.5 pounds and 1 pound minimum.

Maximum Recommended Mounting Torque: 6" -lb. for

thermoplastic bushing.

Mounting Torque (for Spring Lock PC Terminal):

8" -pound for thermoplastic bushings.


Contact Resistance: .020 ohms maximum (initial), .050 ohms maximum (after humidity, durability exposure). Per MIL-STD-202E.

Insulation Resistance: 10,000 MO minimum (initial), 1,000 MO minimum (after humidity).

Dielectric Withstanding<