Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

Pendant Switches (Cord/ Nurse Call)

Momentary cord (pendant) switches can be specified with red or black pushbuttons, 1-C switching, solder terminals and metal handle (Series E900), plastic handle (Series EP900), or metal handle with clamp and strain relief (Series ED900).

SPECIFICATIONS 921 and 921K - Molded gray plastic with contrasting trim and black pushbutton.

Switch Contacts: Integral copper alloy, plated, form 1-A, 0.5 A, 50 W maximum, AC, non-inductive load. Not recommended for high voltage circuits.

Insulation: Thermoplastic UL 94V-0.

Phono Jack Terminations: (921): Standard phono jack, similar to 3501FP (see Jacks and Plugs Section).


Part Number Description
921 Cordette switch, phono jack termination.
921K Same as 921, except with 6 foot (1.8 meter), 2-conductor cable with stripped and tinned leads.


Housing: Series E900 - Copper alloy, plated. Series EP900 - Molded black plastic.

Switch Bushing: Copper alloy, plated.

Insulation: Rigid plastic.


Housing: Die-cast zinc, plated.

Switch Body and Insert Bushing: Copper alloy, plated.

Insulation: Rigid plastic.

Cable Relief Bushing: Black thermoplastic rubber.

Pressure Plates: Stainless steel.

Cable Relief Screws: Steel, plated.

PART NUMBERS (examples)

Pushbutton Color/Part Number Maximum Cable
Outside Diameter
Red Black
E903 E913 .375" [9.5 mm] 1-C
ED903 ED913 .375" [9.5 mm]
EP903 EP913 .250" [6.4 mm]