Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

1/4" Jack Cover

Reliable, spring-loaded covers effectively seal front panel bushing openings from dust and dirt when mating plugs are not connected to jack. Series 500 is mounted with conventional threaded bushing jacks. Special locknut (comes with Series 500 jack covers) seals tightly against rubber washer when cover is closed. Series 600 is used with certain type tip jacks. Due to variable jack dimensions, two .031 inch washers are supplied.


  • Base and Cover: Steel with polyester powdercoard, semi-gloss.
  • Axle: Copper alloy, nickel plated OR stainless steel, passivated
  • Spring: Stainless steel, passivated
  • Hex Nut: Copper alloy, nickel plated
  • Gasket: Synthetic rubber, 35-40 Durometer.
  • Washer(600 only): Steel, nickel plated

Additional Specifications for Numbers 512 and 612: Same as above, except rivet, base, cover and hex nut and washer (Number 612 only) are nickel-plated.