Can’t find exactly what you are looking for on our site? Then contact us to start creating your custom solution! We have a full staff of design engineers who can make your ideas a reality.

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Featured Products
Engineering Support Capabilities

Full staff of design engineers in Chicago and Villa Park locations

Full use of modeling and simulation software

• SolidWorks - 3D solid modeling

• Cosmos - FEA

• Moldflow - Tool design

• Orcad – PCB layout & electronics analysis

• Ansoft – High frequency modeling analysis software

Ability to provide rapid prototypes within weeks after initial design concepts are complete

Ability to integrate our product into final design

Test lab and model shop on site for product development

Internal Test Lab Capabilities

Electrical Properties

• Insulation resistance

• Breakdown voltage

• Contact resistance

• Return Losses

• Frequency Response Measurement

Mechanical Properties

• Force testing

• Life testing

• Low level vibration

Environmental Testing

• Thermo cycling

• Salt Spray

• Humidity vs. temperature testing

• NEMA 250 – IP 67/ 68

Contact your local Customer Service Representative for more details at:

Switchcraft: 773-792-2700 or sales@switchcraft.com
Conxall: 630-834-7504 or sales@conxall.com

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