The lighting industry demands high quality products that can deliver power and often signal to their applications.

Switchcraft and Conxall have a variety of products that can meet these needs, whether it’s custom cable assemblies for outdoor lighting or field installable connectors for architectural lighting.

We can provide many custom and standard products to fit your application needs in the lighting industry.

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Conxall Cables Make Art Move at the LSE

"Bluerain" by Michael Brown - Commissioned for the Library at the London School of Economics, London UK Installed July 2009

“Bluerain” created by Michael Brown is an art display that was commissioned for the Library at the London School of Economics in London, UK. The piece is a series of LED lights that describes activity that goes on inside the Library.

Michael Brown described the work as “The layers of scrolling text are live data feeds culled from student research inside the library. These include subject searches to the online catalog and titles of books as they are checked in and out of the library. The work contains 23,580 LED's and uses less than 50 watts to power the entire display.”

The power and signal for this work are supplied by custom Conxall cables designed specifically for this application. As the piece is mounted outside consideration was taken for surviving elements such as wind, rain and outdoor temperature ranges. In addition to the extreme environmental conditions sizes constraints and use within the piece were custom designed to meet this application’s needs.

If you have an application similar to this or something that needs custom cables, we can help!

Contact Switchcraft at 773-792-2700 or sales@switchcraft.com to get started on your application today.

Featured Products
Utilizing a separate o-ring, Micro Con X® cables are available up to 3-#20 pins/sockets, 4-#22 pins/sockets, and 7-#26 pins/sockets. Meets NEMA 6P when mated.
Utilizing a separate o-ring,Mega Con X® cables are available up to 31-#20 pins/sockets. Can be ordered with quick connect type or threaded type coupling. Meets NEMA 6P when mated.
M8 Sensor-Link Nano-Mizer® Harsh Environment IP68 Overmolded Cable Assemblies
Built to meet or exceed Industry Standards, this 8mm product offers a reduced size for small sensors and reduced packaging requirements. Standard and custom lengths are available along with a variety of modifications to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Micro-Con-X Connectors
Utilizing a separate o-ring, Micro-Con-X® connectors are available up to 3-#20 pins/sockets, 4-#22 pins/sockets, and 7-#26 pins/sockets. Meets NEMA 6P when mated.
MIL -C-5015 Equivalent Connectors (Mil-E-Qual® Series) connectors are available in 29 standard Mil-C-5015 insert configurations from 2 to 37 positions, utilizing #16 and #12 size contacts. Available in straight cable plug and box receptacle only. Meets NEMA 6P.
Shielded Mini Con-X
Rugged metal field installable, EMI/RFI Shielded Mini Con X® connectors are available up to 6-#16 pins/sockets and 8-#20 pins/sockets. Meets IP66/IP68 when mated.
Sealed Power Jacks & Plugs
Sealed power plugs and jacks provide a great waterproof alternative to the standard power plug and jack. With an IP 68/ NEMA 250 (6P) rating this series of product is perfect for any type of environment.
Mil-E-Qual Mate First Break Last
First Mate Last Break Contact Mil-E-Qual® is ideally suited for those applications where a ground connection is critical to proper operation. Utilizes #16 and #12 size contacts. Available in straight cable plug and box receptacle only. UV inhibitors in the plastic and an IP 67 rating make this a perfect product for outdoor waterproof applications.
Mixed Signal-Power Mini-Con-X
By offering 2 different contact gauges in the same connector, Mini-Con-X Mixed Signal/Power Connectors offer the flexibility of signal and power connections in the same compact circular connector
Dura-Pull Line
Extremely durable, sealed push-pull connectors, made by Switchcraft in the USA. Dura-Pull Connectors are made from nickel plated brass with a medical technology grade plastic insulator and gold plated contacts. They are sealed to IP68 and rated for at least 5,000 insertion/ withdrawal cycles. Althought they are less than 1/2" in diameter, they can be ordered with up to 9 contacts. (2 thru 5 #20 contacts or 6 thru 9 #26 contacts) Their unique contacts can be either soldered or crimped for maximum flexibility and easy installation. Factory assembled cables are also available.
EN3 Series Off-the-shelf cables
Factory molded cables in standard lengths, available off the shelf. Utilizing an integral O-Ring/gasket, EN3® connectors are available in 2-18 pins/sockets in the same housing size, bayonet locking, cable end, cable-to-cable, panel mount,right angle panel mount, solder, pc, crimp contacts, caps. Meets enclosure rating IP66/IP68 and NEMA 250 when mated or covered.

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