Switchcraft®, Inc. Awarded Patent for Phantom Lift Technology

Chicago, IL -- (10/3/13)

Switchcraft, Inc., the worlds leading manufacturer of interconnect solutions for audio, video and data has been awarded a US Patent for Phantom Lift, the technology currently incorporated into our 900 Series Instrument Direct Boxes.

The 900 Series, which are geared toward live sound applications, are the worlds only direct boxes with a ground lift switch that can be controlled remotely using phantom power from nearly any standard audio console.

In the past, any unwanted noise on a line utilizing a passive direct box meant that someone would have to run on stage to flip the ground lift switch.

Phantom Lift enables the engineer to activate the switch remotely, simply by engaging phantom power on the console.

For more information on this, and our entire line of direct box products, visit our website:


Switchcraft®, Inc. is a leading US based manufacturer of connectors, jacks, plugs, switches, molded cable assemblies and patchbays. Switchcraft®, Inc. products are used in a variety of applications from broadcast and pro audio to medical, product tracking and other general industrial electronic applications. Products are sold direct to customers and through networks of stocking distributors.

Switchcraft®, Inc. founded in 1946, is headquartered in Chicago, IL USA and still manufactures product at this location. Switchcraft®, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HEICO Corporation as part of their Electronic Technologies Division.
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