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Designed for high quality communication equipment to meet military requirements, This series features one-piece tip rod and one-piece sleeve and plug body, assembled together into a mold as inserts, providing a finished plug with complete continuity of thermoplastic insulation between tip rod and plug sleeve. Internal (invisible externally) interlock mechanically engages the metal and plastic components providing a realistic lock to prevent parts shifting. Design and material in accordance with MIL-P-642(A), MIL part number molded or stamped on handle, manufacturer's trademark (as required by MIL specification) appears on plug body.

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Product Description  
480X tar pit
MIL TYPE 3-conductor 0.206" plug, screw terminal, black handle, MIL P/N M642/5-1
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484X tar pit
MIL TYPE 3-conductor 0.206" plug, screw terminal, red handle, MIL P/N M642/8-1
In stock
M10271 tar pit
Black Handle
P1070 tar pit
Replacement Screw, 2 each required per plug, except P/N 480 whic requires 3
T1992 tar pit
Red Handle

Specification Sheet

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