.141" Jacks and Plugs

.141" Jacks and Plugs
0.141" [3.58mm] "Tini-Jax" Jacks and Plugs from Switchcraft


Tini-Jax 2-conductor phone jacks, (for limited space connecting, mate with miniature phone plugs having .141 " diameter fingers and compatible tip shape) are 1/3 the size of Littel-Jax and weigh less than 1/8 ounce. Notched insulators interlock internal parts. Unique tip spring shape mates with Switchcraft Tini-Plug phone plugs. Mounting hole: .250" diameter in panels up to .125" thick (mounting hardware supplied). Miniature 2-conductor Phone Plug for use with Switchcraft Tini-Jax miniature phone jacks. About 1/2 the size of Switchcraft Littel-Plug phone plug. Average net weight, 1/8 ounce. Various terminal combinations: (a) Dual purpose sleeve terminal may be clamped over metal braid or shielded cables; provides cable anchor. Easily soldered for perfect electrical connection. (b) Screw terminal design (no cable clamp) for cable. Terminals that can be more suitably connected by screws. 1-piece tip rod staked into mating terminals; no disassembly of tip during use of plug. Terminals and body of plug interlocked mechanically. Available in black or red plastic handles or brass nickel-plated handles for shielding. Can be used with cables up to .188" outside diameter


  • Product Line: Tini-Jax
  • Standard Connector Type: Tini-Jax


  • Current Rating: 0.25 Amps


  • Life Cycle: 5000 Cycles


  • RoHS Compliant: Compliant
  • REACH Compliant: Compliant
  • Brand: Switchcraft

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