Specialty products ranging from grounded connectors and waterproof housings to molded cable assemblies and mixed guage connections, all in harsh environment packages.

The lighting industry demands high quality products that can deliver power and often signal to their applications.

Switchcraft and Conxall have a variety of products that can meet these needs, whether it’s custom cable assemblies for outdoor lighting or field installable connectors for architectural lighting.

We can provide many custom and standard products to fit your application needs in the lighting industry.

Conxall Cables Make Art Move at the LSE

"Bluerain" created by Michael Brown is an art display that was commissioned for the Library at the London School of Economics in London, UK. The piece is a series of LED lights that describes activity that goes on inside the Library.

Michael Brown described the work as "The layers of scrolling text are live data feeds culled from student research inside the library. These include subject searches to the online catalog and titles of books as they are checked in and out of the library. The work contains 23,580 LED's and uses less than 50 watts to power the entire display."

The power and signal for this work are supplied by custom Conxall cables designed specifically for this application. As the piece is mounted outside consideration was taken for surviving elements such as wind, rain and outdoor temperature ranges. In addition to the extreme environmental conditions sizes constraints and use within the piece were custom designed to meet this application’s needs.

If you have an application similar to this or something that needs custom cables, we can help!

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"Bluerain" by Michael Brown - Commissioned for the Library at the London School of Economics, London UK Installed July 2009