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Wide range of 1/4" Jacks and Plugs for various applications. Options include straight and right angle plugs, metal and plastic handles, two and three conductor. 1/4" Jack options include open frame, enclosed straight and right angle, PC terminals and solder lugs, two and three conductor.

1/4" Jack Cover
1/4" Locking Panel Mount Jack
1/4" Female Cable Mount Jack
1/4" Open Frame Jacks
1/4" Enclosed Straight PC Jacks
1/4" Straight Plastic Handle Plugs
1/4" Straight Metal Handle Plugs
* NEW * 1/4" Nickel Plated Handle Plug w/Flex Relief
1/4" Sealed Jacks and Plugs
1/4" Locking Plug and Jack
1/4" Long Frame Jacks and Plugs
1/4" Right Angle Hi-D Jacks - RN Series
1/4" Right Angle Jacks - RA Series
1/4" Right Angle Jacks, Snap in PC Mount - SN Series
1/4" Right Angle Open Frame Jack
1/4" Right Angle Plugs
1/4" Shielded Jack
1/4" Silent Plug
1/4" Vintage Plug
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