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Available in a variety of types and lengths to meet requirements of communication, industrial and telephone applications. Patch cords designed to be used in "tini-telephone" jack panels. Constructed of high quality cadmium bronze conductors with thermoplastic insulating material. Braided shield offers 70-80% coverage. All plugs are molded of flexible thermoplastic (in gray or colors) with non-slip finger grip areas. All cords (gray or colors) have a label identifying Switchcraft® part number and length. Plug fingers are natural or nickel-plated copper alloy.

Miniature TT molded Patch Cords, 2 conductor
Miniature TT Molded Patch Cords, 3 conductor
TT Twin Molded Patch Cords, 2 conductor
TT Twin Molded Patch Cords, 3 conductor
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