Switchcraft® Announces Ultra VideoPatch™ 24GHz UHD Video Products

CHICAGO, IL: As video resolutions climb through 8K, the broadcast industry has demanded signal patching solutions able to handle extremely high frequencies, and Switchcraft is the first to offer a solution: the innovative new 24GHz Ultra VideoPatch™ product line. Designed and manufactured in Switchcraft’s Chicago, Illinois USA factory, the Ultra VideoPatch™ line leverages Switchcraft’s 70 years of experience to deliver performance never before seen in a video patchbay.

The Ultra VideoPatch™ line is a full line of 24GHz video patching solutions: Mid-Size/Mini-WECO single jacks, 2x32 1RU patch bay, patch cables, and accessories. “This innovative product line meets and exceeds SMTPE ST 2081-1 and ST 2082-1 with low return loss and 75 ohm impedance.” said Steve Cooper, Switchcraft’s VP of Engineering. The product will debut at NAB booth #C7838.

As the leading US manufacturer of video patchbays, Switchcraft is well known for their full line of video patch products which have become the industry standard, including the 3GHz Standard, Mid-Size and Micro patchbays. The 24 GHz Ultra VideoPatch™ represents a giant leap forward, enabling innovators in the broadcast industry to deliver video quality beyond what is possible today, to Ultra High Definition and Beyond.
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