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Connectors with 5/8-27 threads are designed for use with single conductor microphone cable with .281 inch (7.14 mm) maximum outside diameter. 44 adapts 2501F to fit standard 2-conductor phone jack. Coupling ring on 2501F is removable for fast change from female to male type. Spring assembled into body, cable braid and spring clamped by hollow set screws .281 inch (7.14 mm) maximum cable diameter. 2501MP mounts in .390 inch (9.92 mm) diameter hole.

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Product Description  
2501F tar pit
Vintage Microphone Connector, removable coupling to change gender
In stock
2501M tar pit
Vintage Microphone Connector
2501MP tar pit
Vintage Microphone Connector, mounts .390" hole
In stock

Specification Sheet

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